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Shoes personality traits


30 August, 2015: Shoe is an accessory that carry a lot of meaning. Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers. A strangers could correctly guess an astonishing range of personalities, simply by looking at a person’s most-worn pair of shoes. Your choice in footwear can give people a sneak peek into your inner self. Find out what your shoes have to say about you…

Sky-high heels

This shoe style means you are a person who takes pride in her looks and loves attention coz walking in heels is a pain. You are incredibly confident about your sex appeal. You love to show off your sexuality and even though people call you shallow, you like to put in effort in the way you look.

Wedges and platforms

Wedge heels and platform shoes indicate that you like to strike a balance between being sexy fashionable and being down-to-earth real. You’re practical, self-assured, straight-forward and just the right blend of narcissistic and altruistic.

Training and running shoes

If you’re more into sporty footwear like snickers and converse, apart from being an outdoor or athletic person, you have an artistic side to you as well. You like discovering new places and travel is one of your favorite hobbies. Sometimes, it also denotes that you’re too busy to care about the rest of the world!


Boots signify that the wearer is well-travelled and highly sociable. You are independent and like doing things on your own. Though your personal relationships matter to you, you don’t tolerate any one’s rude behavior and even come across as a tad bit aggressive.

Flats forever

Flip-flops, ballerinas and any footwear that has no trace of a heel, is what you prefer. You are friendly, understanding and sweet in nature. You give out the perception that you’re an extrovert. But your penchant for comfy, homely footwear also means that you aren’t someone who is open to changes.

What a man’s shoe says about him

Formal black shoes: A hard worker, you are respectful towards others and expect them to treat you the same way.

Sandals with socks: Apart from looking silly, you also give out the perception of a lazy guy!

Flip flops: Laid back and chilled out, you never succumb to expectations and often don’t care much for the outside world.

Boots: If you often wear ankle-length boots, you give out the vibe of a masculine, trendy, detail-oriented person, whom everyone adores.

Shoe trivia

According to psychologists, apart from the style of your footwear, its color and condition also tells a lot about you. For example, if you go for boring shoes in dull colors, researchers suggest that you may have a difficult time forming relationships. If you like to wear worn-in shoes, you are an extrovert and emotionally stable.



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