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Shop smart this sale season


16 October, 2015: The end-of-season-sales are back, with every nook and corner of the city with posters and hoardings of a 50% discount. It is one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. However, since most of us are all geared to stock up on a whole lot of discounted stuff, here are some smart tricks to follow to get the best of the this season’s sales.

1. Hit the stores on the first two days of the sale

The first two days are the best time to go shopping during a sale season, as you get the best of the stock. You can go through and linger over the things you want to buy at leisure as you don’t have to worry about the stock ending. In fact, the last two days are also a great time for those who are looking at the best deals. Why? Because the heaviest discounts are dished out at the end of the season.

2. Avoid stores that have stocks in bulk

Would you see at least 15 tops with the same pattern? Avoid! It will save you from bumping into the same clothes at places. When shops stock up on bulk, you’ll find at least four people picking them along with you. Get the hint, and visit stores that have exclusive or limited stock put up on sale.

3. Afternoons are the best time to shop

If you are not an afternoon person, make sure to be one during the sales season. It’s the best time to go shopping as you won’t have to line-up endlessly to get to the trial rooms, nor do you have to wait in unending queues to or pay the bill. Also, a shopping exercise after lunch can be very productive; moreover afternoons are when most people do not hit the malls.

4. Opt for bigger sizes, if you do not find your size

The most common problem this sale season is the lack of sizes. Due to heavy traffic, most medium-sized clothes are the first ones to get sold. Of course, you can’t do that with smaller sizes. However, if you find bigger sizes of the outfit that you choose, pick them. You can always alter them to fit you. This will save you the heartburn of not being able to buy an outfit of your choice.


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