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Shopping tips for heels lovers


25 September, 2015: Heels are favourite of almost all girls. We don’t have much more of a love relationship with anyone/thing than we do with high heels. It surely takes us to the world of Cindrella and that’s because they look so dreamy. To find out what you should look out for when shopping for new shoes here are some tips:

  1. Make sure the shoe fits.
  2. Look for a balanced heels.
  3. Choose styles with a padded sole.
  4. Avoid a wobbly walk by strengthening your ankle muscles.
  5. Try to stick to leather.
  6. If your feet aren’t used to heels, start out low and practice, practice, practice.
  7. Get the walk right.
  8. Never look down at your feet.
  9. Be careful with buckles.
  10. People often say that sky high heels are sexier than shorter styles, but there’s no point going for a higher heel if you’re unable to walk in them.
  11. Don’t get blinded by the brand.


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