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This short film ‘Ghumakkad’ will make you realise that running away is definitely not a solution (with Full Movie)


July 19, 2017: After movies, the next big thing people prefer to watch are short films. Small time directors are opting for YouTube and other social mediums to convey social messages. Ghumakkad, is a mix of glamour and a hard-hitting reality.

The short film is about a young girl who is going through multiple issues in her life related to love, work and family decides to go on a 3-month sabbatical to Europe, hoping that all her issues would solve themselves by the time she comes back.

Little did she know that they will multiply itself by the time she is back. The film is about her first day back in the city facing all her problems at one go.

So, all of you, who think going on a vacation will solve your boyfriend problems, family problems or work-related issues or youngsters who envy other people who are mostly travelling, should know, that once you’re back, your problems come back with you and then there’s no escaping.

The solution lies within. It’s all about listening to your heart and making a wise decision because even if we escape our troubles, it isn’t necessary they’ll leave us alone too.

Watch the movie:

By Saloni Singh