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Shortage Of Drinking Water Argakhanchi


Arghakhanchi, May 26, 2015: After the water source dried due to the April 25 earthquake and aftershocks locals in Dhakabang VDC of Argakhanchi have been facing the problem of drinking water shortage.

Secretary of the Drinking Water Users’ Committee Narayan Khanal, informed that 715 households and schools have been using the water from the source at Sepani of Gokhunga VDC for the last 30 years.Further he said, locals are surprised due to suddenly drying of the drinking water source.

Locals have to walk very long distance in order to fetch the water from nearby rivers as the water from the source has dried up which were distributed through 82 taps.

According toTara KC, an official sent from the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Office, Arghakhanchi,villagers are having problem for drinking water as the water source at Sepani has dried up.



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