Silence demonstration on Solid Waste Management

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Kathmandu, Dec 26, 2014: Tri- Chandra College is regarded as a heritage to Nepal. But, the environmental condition of it is degrading day by day. More specifically the problem of Lab waste and Solid waste management has always been point of concern of Tri- Chandra.

So, to the change the bizarre condition of Solid Waste Management and be as a noble example to other institution, We for Earth, a student’s group of Tri- Chandra College organized a Silence demonstration in the Campus periphery.

In the demonstration, about 50 students, stand silently for 30 minutes, holding play cards in their hands written with different slogans will stands just before the Campus Administration. Slogans as such: “Let’s respect waste and become a respected person”, “Tri- Chandra is heritage, let’s preserve it.”, “Let’s take a stand be the one” and many others which was demonstrated to urge Campus Administration to make Tri- Chandra Plastic free in action not in words.

Tri- Chandra College, Campus Chief, Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Thapaliya addressing the participants
Tri- Chandra College, Campus Chief, Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Thapaliya addressing the participants

The initiation of the students was applauded of the whole Campus administration, as Campus Chief, Prof. Dr. Hari Prasad Thapaliya vouched to declare Tri- Chandra College as Plastic free zone , and a create a good reading environment. Impressed by our activities, Campus chief, assured us to provide 4 Dustbin to manage the condition of Solid Waste. According to Team leader of “We for Earth”, Regan Sapkota, Tri- Chandra is a history, heritage and a treasure to whole Nation, so the preservation of it is our prime responsibility. He added, this campaign is our satirical message to everyone that the protest can be done silently as well, we needn’t have burn tyre or assault anything every time to show our unsatisfaction.

We for Earth has aimed to initiate “Plastic free institution” from Tri- Chandra College and disseminate the positive vibes to other institution as well. We for Earth is a student’s group of Tri- Chandra College. It has always working to make better environmental condition. Prior to this, “We for Earth” had successfully organized, Cleanliness, Dustbin distribution, Plantation, Painting the college periphery campaigns.



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