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Simplifying people’s lives with Computer Programming and Artificial Intelligence – Story of Pramish Paudel


Glocal 20 Under 20

A 17-years-old from Hetauda, Pramish Paudel is a passionate computer programmer.

Currently pursuing +2 Science in Pentagon Int’l College, Kathmandu, Paudel considers himself an innovative and ambitious person with the determination of making this world a better place by the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Creating ‘Nepali ePapers’

Utilizing the vacation time after the SLC exam in 2016, Paudel developed Nepali ePapers app (now, Proto News). This free mobile app allows users to view epapers of Nepali Newspapers and magazines offline. It was created especially taking into consideration of the people in rural places where there is no availability of newspapers and magazines. Now, people of such places no longer have to face the issue of not being able to read newspapers and magazines. The app has so far been downloaded almost 10,000 times.

Paudel is skilled in Android App Development, Python Programming, Deep Learning, and Data Visualization.

Currently, he is working on a computer program that can generate realistic human faces from the face sketch. This is designed for the criminal investigation purpose. He also wants to work in Artificial Intelligence.

I enjoy spending my time learning new coding skills. I am someone who consistently innovates with coding skills to create things can help others. I always endeavor to improve myself so that I can simplify the life of people with the help of computer programs and mobile applications that I create. – Paudel

Paudel was also the winner of Trinity SciTech Expo, 2017.

Future Plans
In the coming 5 years, I am looking forward to establish myself as a deserving person delivering his ideas and knowledge in the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, I would work on the projects that can simplify the life of people (one is about making a software that can generate video from the description written in text, though it sounds overly ambitious). That’s my top carrier goal. What I want in life is to change the way we interact with the machines and bring a revolution in mankind’s life with the help of Machine Intelligence. – Paudel
Pramish Paudel

Pramish Paudel was selected among the 20 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers below the age of 20 in Nepal, for the year 2017. This annual list is the ultimate honor roll of young game changers reshaping Nepal for the better. The platform seeks to encourage the youths to share their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm which will then motivate them and more of the other youths in the nation to develop an entrepreneurial thinking. He has become an inspiration for all the teenagers.