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Sindhupalchowk in festive mood


Sindhupalchowk, March 30, 2017: Excitement has reached fever pitch in Sindhupalchowk as local-level elections draw nearer.

From remote villages to district headquarters and local gatherings to tea stalls, there’s virtually no place that is not abuzz with election talks. The district has been in a festive mood for the past month.

Representatives and cadres of various political parties, who were in the capital until recently, have started to return to their constituencies with various promotional events.

Voters residing in urban areas are also returning to their hometowns.

Although political parties have yet to announce their candidates, the locals have already chosen their nominees, who have intensified their meetings with political leaders and cadres to claim their candidacy. They are also visiting peoples’ doorstep almost every day.

Being held after almost a decade, the election has elated the locals. “Prospective candidates are visiting our doorstep almost every day,” said Sange Lama, a local of Thulo Dhading.

“We have not yet decided whom to vote, but we are planning to vote candidates who are capable enough to shoulder our responsibility,” he said.

Leaders of political parties have directed their cadres to speak to every single voter to win more votes.

By Dhurba Dangal