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Sipalu Sister’s Story: Winner of NYEF Boot Camp Season 2


Kathmandu, September 27, 2015: The business idea of “sipalu sister” was the winner of the NYEF boot camp season 2. The team Sipalu Sisters was able to win the first place for their idea of“Women Run Two Wheeler’s Repair Workshop”. Sindhu Panickar and Samjhana Phuyal are the team of the idea who got 60,000 cash prize.

Sindhu is the management student who was thinking of business idea when she was in India. She has got very good experiences in information technology since 5 year. “To get into NYEF Boot camp first hand goes to my elder sister, Indu along with my brother inlaw, PoshanThapaliya as well as my parents” she added.While samjhana Phuyal is the president of Social Empowerment by Empowering women (SEE-W). She has been working in worker empowerment since last 9 years.

Sindhu explained that she didn’t have structural ideas at first and was unaware about its systematic presentation but after joining boot camp she claim herself becoming a plant from the seed. Likewise, technical knowledge and route out map was the main thing that she had learned from bootcamp and she expressed that she is being able to achieve more that she had expected. Samjhana was really satisfied to get the distinctive, cooperative and passionate mentors who guided and showed the correct map. Their main satisfactory point was that they got the best platform to foster their business idea.

Both of them said that they had an awesome experience as they received friendly environment, expert and supportive mentors and most importantly, the learning platform despite of various challenges like- hectic work schedule, new ideas, tough competition between 30 competitors and distinctive jury.

Sindhu’s future vision is to run the IT company and Samjhana’s vision is to continue workshop on women lead by expanding the investment for inspiring and empowering women to change their life.

Their main message towards the youths who are seeking to be an entrepreneur,” Believe in your idea and keep moving forward because each failure is actually a steeping platform to achieve success.”

NYEF Boot Camp 2

Talking with Glocal Khabar, Samit Raj, managing director of Newakar, organiser of Bootcamp said,”main motive behind organizing Boot camp for second time was to give platform to those youth who were not getting right place to execute their business ideas and also to encourage youth to bring new and innovative business ideas into reality.”

The entire team were surprised to receive 160 applications for the seat of 30 people.  As per him in comparison to last year’s Boot Camp this time it was different in term of participate age criteria (23+) so it was more like of professional business ideas competition as the priority was given to the experienced team and the number they come up with the feasibility of idea in the real world.

The main message of Samit Raj towards those youth who are seeking to be an entrepreneur, “One should have the entrepreneur guts to take the risk, be calculative to afford the loss and backup with enthusiasm to bring dream to reality. If you want to become entrepreneur improve the way you work, focus towards it then growing own identity is not so far”

The second place went to team Shu Swagatam whose idea was providing roadside toilets in Highways and the team members were Ms. Sabina Maharjan, Mr.Bhuwan Pariyar and Mr.Bal Krishna Pandey. The third place was awarded to team Care Age Home of Care Home for Aged Individual and the team members were Mr.Sudhir Raj Khadka, Dr.Prakash Poudel and Dr.Roshani Shrestha. All the winners received the working space for a month.

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF), in association with U.S. Embassy Nepal, successfully organized the Second Entrepreneurship Boot Camp in September 21-23, 2015at Gokarna Forest Resort, Kathmandu in the presence of distinctive Jury like Mr.Ashutosh Tiwari, CEO of Shrepa Adventure Gears; Mr.Ajay B. Pradhanang, Managing Director, Fleur Himalayan and Mr.Kevin C. Price, Economic & Commercial Officer, US Embassy.

By: Sangita Tiwari


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