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Six Hours In Queue For a Sack of Rice


Bhaktapur, Oct. 12: It sounds unusual to hear that one has to queue up for six hours for buying a sack of rice in Bhaktapur, but locals of Bhaktapur are doing the same at Suryabinayak of the district.

People of Bhaktapur are lining up for rice as subsidized rice is distributed from the stall of Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) in the Dashain Tihar Fair organised at Suryabinayak by the Ganga Women’s Handicraft.


People are thronging daily as the NFC made available rice in subsidized rate where Bhaktapur traders were selling rice in high prices, said chief of Women’s Handicraft Ganga Maka.


People queue up from 7:00 in the morning and even police has to be mobilized to control crowd when rice is dropped at 11:00 am. The people are given coupons and rice is given on the basis of coupons and there is large crowd even if one sack of rice is given to one person.

The NFC is selling jira masino rice (20 kg) at Rs. 1060, Japanese rice (30 kg)  Rs.1350, basmati (20 kg) Rs. 1880 and Gorakhnath Rs. 1,225. The most demand is of Japanese rice and jira masino and the supply is depleted the day it is brought and some even return home empty-handed.


There is crowd also because the Salt Trading Ltd. is providing sugar Rs. 60 per kg and salt per packet at Rs. 13.


NFC Bagmati Zonal Chief Khadga Bahadur Gyawali said demand had dome from Bhaktapur which could not be met.


He informed that 3,000 quintals were sold so far from one stall of Bhaktapur and time has come to control the rice sale. The Dashain Tihar Fair is to run until the Chhath festival.



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