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Six lane road under-construction in Morang

Trade Road Expansion Project
Trade Road Expansion Project

Pathari, 2 Nov 2014: The government’s plan of constructing a six lane road, spanning three kilo metres from Bargachhi to Rajbansi Chowk in Biratnagar, has finally hit the road. The plan was in a standstill for four years since its inception.

Bijaya Chapagain, the Manager of Trade Road Expansion Project said that the government, said that the construction of the six lane road(named trade Road) from Bargachhi to Rajbansi Chowk has begun in its first phase with an estimated budget of Rs 4.8 million.

Though the road will be of six lanes, the main lane, namely ‘fast track’ will be of four lanes while the rest two will serve as the link road,  said Chapagain.

According to the Project Office, the lane will have stone’s waterway on both sides of the road.


The road, initially agreed to be built within a breadth of 34 metres, has been limited to 30 metres  due to the protest of the locals, Chapagain added.

The government had made a pact with the local authority four years back to build this road in view of the growing problem in traffic management as a result of the rising density of the population in this area.

The road is expected to be completed within the next two years.

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