Sixth National Youth Conference on Climate Change

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Kathmandu, December 6, 2018: Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA is marching towards its Sixth successful year of National Youth Conference on Climate Change-NYCCC with the motive to enhance the understanding of Youth on Climate Change. Sixth NYCCC will take place at Biratnagar on 27th, 28th and 29th December. The conference will be organized by Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA with the support of UNDP Nepal and Clean Energy Nepal.

According to NYCA, 6th NYCCC aims to bring diverse group of youths from all over Nepal and magnify their Knowledge on Climate Change. Participation of youth will lead to active discussion in these issues in context of Nepal and be sensitized about responsibilities of youths for Climate Action.

The objective of the conference is also to create vibration about the Adaptation and mitigation measures among youth from different parts of the country.

Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA has successfully organized five National Youth Conferences on Climate Change -NYCCC from 2008 to 2017. The conferences have been instrumental in bringing youths together in same platform to discuss on Climate Change and about 400 aspiring youths were directly benefited from last 5 conferences. NYCCC has also played important role in enhancing capacity of youths of which some motivated youths were successful in forming the NYCA chapters in their respective districts.