Skilled Voice kicked off today with the session of Nirvana Chaudhary

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Kathmandu, April 19, 2018: Skilled Voice kicked off today with the session of Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director, CG Corp Global at the premises of Glocal After School, Thapagaun, Kathmandu.

The series was initiated by Glocal After School as a forum to hear the stories and experiences of a skillful journey from the speakers. The event also supports the movement #skills2grow4life that supports skills. Mr. Chaudhary was the first speaker of the series Skilled Voice which was held today.

Nirvana Chaudhary highlighted how skills have helped and shaped him to grow in his personal and professional life, the possibilities of development and opportunities youth of today can pursue through skills with the futuristic vision.

Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary giving session

Mr. Chaudhary shared about his journey and learning along the process. He stressed on being able to love and respect what you do at the same time practice act of giving. He stressed on having the right sets of skills and experience sharing what he believe from the book he read, “We should follow the principle of ‘4Es wrapped around a P’ which means have energy to do something, energize others to do the things with yourself, have an edge to the ideas/products in the market and the power to Execute the ideas wrapped around a ‘P’ – ‘Passion’.”

30 enthusiasts were present at the event followed with interaction session of question and answer session with Mr. Chaudhary from the participants.

Mr. Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. provided token of love to Mr. Chaudhary as a speaker. The program ended with refreshments and networking.

Glocal After School is a venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. that focuses on bridging skill gap between academia and industry with skill development and training.

Mr. Asish Thakur, Executive Director of Glocal Pvt. Ltd. giving token of love to Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary after the session