Smart Books: For the Improvement of Language Skills of Students

by Glocal Khabar 1,136 views0

Kavre, October 26, 2018: Language Skills of the students of Kavre are being improved by the use of Smartbooks in different schools. Madan Deupur Municipality has been providing the financial assistance to use technology for the smartbook.

Tek Bahadur Waiwa who is Mayor said, “There are 46 schools in the municipality. The municipality has provided financial support of Rs 4 million to introduce a new technology for the improvement of students’ English language skills from the lower classes as part of Education Reform Programme.”

For smartbook, an electronic device has been installed in every class. The device translates the word spoken in English by someone in the class and tells its meaning. A deal was signed between the municipality and Creative Edutainment or the device installation last week.

He added, “Rs 10 million has been allotted by the municipality for educational reform this fiscal.  One book has been provided to each student of pre-school while one Nepali and one English book have been provided to each student from Grade I to V.”