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Smart People’s 1st Choice: “Personal Development”



December 1, 2015: If you think it’s important, you will find the Way. But if you think it’s not important, you will find an Excuse.

No matter how a life is going on right now but within you there is a potential to do something much better. One of the most intelligent decision we can ever make for our own good as well as to the people around our surrounding is to GROW!!! To become the best human being which we are capable of becoming no matter how difficult it is and how long will it take.

Personal development means having the maturity to take 100% responsibility for our health, career, finances, relationships, emotions, habits, and our spiritual beliefs. It encourage us to take a deep look at inner self, consciously deciding what kind of person we truly are. Personal growth help us to achieve outstanding effectiveness by maintaining internal balance, where our thoughts, feelings, actions, and skills are all working together to create the life we truly desire.

Most of the people in this world wants to be successful in their life. During their life journey few of them work in the right direction while most of them knowingly or unknowingly walk in the wrong direction so they fail to achieve their aim. Personal development is all about the complete transformation in the person. We need to consistently work on the personal growth for long period of time. One committed decision that we take in life can bring drastic change in our life. Because of that power we get more confident and enthusiastic about our life.

Do you dream of being successful, deciding to grow to improve yourself to become better, stronger, confident and more capable person tomorrow than you are today?

Then here is the answer: Personal development where we can transform ourselves from the lazy, dump, scary, dishonest, and terribly confused youth towards more confident, intelligent, calm and smart person. This brings a positive and overwhelming feeling upon self and towards own life.Personal Development will stretch to our limit and sometime even beyond the limit to experience the highest potential. If we are committed to personal development there will be miracles in our life. Purpose of life is to consciously and courageously pursue personal growth.

After reading most of the books and listening to many motivational videos, I realized how important the personal development is to achieve success in life.  I got courage to go after my dream without being fear. Through this I even learnt the true value of time management for most fulfilling, productive and purposeful things that we can ever imagine to achieve in our life. We can experience the happy and blissful life as it help us to live more consciously because every things we do is all depend upon our own choice.

Personal growth can be achieve by working on self upon some of our habit that we can control like: Work on relationship (attracting the best person, best friend) Work on courage (overcome fear and become more self confident), work on physical energy(sports, exercising regularly, meditation, being vegetarian etc), work on Generosity(writing, speaking, volunteering and offering service for free), Work on the vision of life(brainstorming to find the true purpose of own life and working on that purpose to make it as a daily reality).

We can commit to begin the process of personal growth in our daily life starting right now and experience the blissful life with this small initiation because our life precious and we deserve Awesomeness!!!!

By: Sangita Tiwari


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