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Snowfall disrupts flights to Humla as well as the normal life of the locals


Humla, February 8, 2016: From Sunday evening Humla district has witnessed a sudden snowfall. It is reported that The district headquarters, Simikot, has seen as high as one foot of snow.
General flights to Nepalgunj and Surkhet from Humla couldn’t happen after the snowfall. Similarly, today’s normal flights to and from the Simikot Airport were disturbed because of the snowfall.
Meanwhile, snowfall coupled with winter rain has disrupted normal life in upper belt of Kalikot district.

The folks are facing difficulties to come out of their houses after the snowfall, said Padam BK, a local resident of Khin VDC.

The drastic weather and snowfall has also affected life in Phoimahadev, Ranchuli, Chilkhaya, Chhapre and Rupsa, Mumra, Dhaulagoha, Khin and other region.

Opposed to the situations being faced by the people, the rain has brought happiness to the folks in the lower belt in the district as the rain is supposed to be helpful for the winter crops to yield more.



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