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Snowfall Panics Darchula Sugarcane Farmers


Gokuleswor, Dec 18: Darchula farmers are aggrieved of loss caused to their sugarcane farming by continuous snowfall on last Sunday and Monday.

Local farmers have been cultivating commercial sugarcane farming in Darchula for the past couple of years. They have faced a big loss with the snowfall causing damages to sugarcane farming.

The snowfall has damaged sugarcane cultivated in around two ropanies of his land, said Dhan Singh Dhami, a farmer of Malikarjun VDC-7, Pattharkot. He has been making income of over Rs 80,000 a year from sugarcane farming.

It is leant that the incessant snowfall has also triggered loss to sugarcane farming in different VDCs including Gwani and Bhagawati beside Malikarjun.



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