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Social Activist Samprada Chapagain: Glocal Teen Hero 2015 Finalist


Samprada aspires to bring positive change in the society in every possible way. From discussing world affairs in USA to providing educational materials to children in Dolkha, she has involved herself as a social activist.

1502515_10202672499200878_187245768_nSamprada Chapagain, Glocal Teen Hero 2015 finalist did her A Levels from Chelsea International Academy and currently doing BBA-BI at Uniglobe, New Baneswor. Reading novels, music and movies fascinates her a lot. She loves travelling and trying out new things. She describes herself to be a passionate, adventurous and confident individual since childhood so she carry confidence and boldness within her.

There are many individuals and figures that motivate and inspire us to be the person who we are and do good things in life that we love. 18 year old,  Samprada was always inspired by two superwoman Anuradha Koirala and Puspa Basnet who fought against each and every hurdle to better the lives of hundreds and thousands of children and woman who were underprivileged, suppressed and were living a life of pain. Likewise, her family has been her greatest source of inspiration as throughout her life journey till date they have forever been supportive and encouraged her to participate actively and serve for the society where she live in.

She came to know about Glocal Teen Hero 2015 through Facebook as the event was widely publicized and also through friends. For her being selected in top 6 was not an easy task because she had to compete with other 98 participants who were equally very good. The major challenge in her participation was the errors that occurred during the time of submitting her attachments and essays. “Coming to the final day of interview and meeting 5 other participants who were equally good in their own respective field was a challenge in its own way. “I could meet a film maker, a software developer, an entrepreneur, a national level poet and a child advocate which really thrilled me as they were all established at a very tender age.” She added. The other challenges for her was having interviewed by versatile judges one of their own kind. “Though I haven’t achieved big things in life yet, it’s through my small tiny efforts and contributions that made me successful enough to be nominated in the top 6.” she said happily.

Moreover, she is a debater and a public speaker. She had also initiated a project named “Muskan Nepal” with her sister which aimed at spreading smiles in the faces of many underprivileged. Through Muskan they helped a school in Dolakha with ECA materials like- sports accessories, painting brushes crayons, story books etc. The main reason for choosing ECA material was to make the students not only dependent upon bookish knowledge but to make them equally competitive in ECA’s as well.

Glocal teen Hero 2015 Finalist felicitated by Youth Minister Purusottam Poudel. Photo: glocalkhabar.com

Likewise, she has volunteered in Nepal Library Campaign which helped the school of Sindhupalchowk with Books and Computers, the reason being the same, encouraging children adapt to the introduced technology and become an all-rounder through various books. Similarly, she had also worked with Nepali Children Education Project for more than a year and later, she worked as a public relation officer for NCEP for few months.

With every organizations she was associated and affiliated, Samprada has involved herself to organize rally, awareness programs to spread messages for public welfare and contributed to bring a small change in the society.

She is such kind of person who goes with the flow, as she don’t like planning things. But yes, in 5 years or 10 years from now, she sees herself as an established Chartered Accountant and also continuing to support and contribute to the society.

Her message: “One should never underestimate the potentialities they have within themselves because every small effort counts at the end, and small is beautiful. Explore yourself and find out what you are best at. You don’t have to do big things in life, when you initiate and come forward you are doing a big thing by not staying in your comfort zone. Mistakes are the ways you learn in life. All you need is that little confidence to boost you up”.

Interviewed and written by Sangita Tiwari


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