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Social campaign against ‘Chhau’ system


Jumla, June 15, 2016: Nepal Workers Peasants Party Jumla has launched a social awareness campaign against ‘Chhaupadi’ system that forbids women in participating in family regular activities during menstruation as they are impure.

Party District Chair Shivalal Dangi said the Nepal Revolutionary Students Union, the sister wing of the party, is coordinating the drive started against the social system biased to women and guided by superstitious beliefs.

Besides, the campaign is focused on increasing public awareness on the importance of human rights, social development, reproductive health and encouraging them to fight against women violence, Union District President Mahesh Nepali said. Mainly adolescent girls and boys have been included in the campaign. “Role of adolescents to end Chhau system was discussed,” he said.

Nepal Revolutionary Teachers  Union central Vice Chair Purna Prasad Dhital sees the need of collective efforts to put an end to Chhau system that remains as a social taboo in western Nepal. ‘This is an obstacle to build a civilized and equitable society.”

This system is prevalence in western Nepal, and in some areas, women are forced to stay away from home and live in cowshed during the monthly cycle.

Source: RSS