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Socio-Economic Status of Kachanpur Women Improves


Kanchanpur, October 22, 2018: Women who are involved in herbal farming are successful to improve the socio-economic status which is thriving recently.

The women from Beldandi, Shuklaphata Municipality of Kanchanpur District are being economic independence and have a vital role in the local herbs production.

The 40 entrepreneurs formed 7 groups who have planted the Peppermint in around 2 bigha land area which resulted in income of Rs. 156,166 within a month after plantation. The women decided to distribute the amount among themselves but depositing the 10 per cent of the earning which is Rs. 15,646 cash.

A group of 13 women have earned Rs. 463 thousand by selling 8.74 kilogrammes of Chamomile. The amount was distributed among themselves with the saving of Rs. 46,312 deposited in group’s fund. Another group of local women produced ‘Asare’ plant and earned Rs. 132 thousand in the Pragati Community Forest.

NEEDS, a non- governmental organization has provided a set of for herb processing plant investing Rs. 600 thousand for the women. The plant is constructed with the shed and drier.

The organization also is setting up a revolving fund of Rs. 100 thousand for the women farmers. The revolving fund of the will provide a loan at a nominal rate of interest for investing in shops, poultry, pig rearing, and livestock farming.