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Solar and Wind Energy Project gleam-up Palpa Villages


Province 5: A total of 143 households including government offices, and several schools in Nisdi Rural Municipality, Palpa has been facilitated by the new Solar and Wind Energy project.

The four villages never reached the central transmission line of Rukse Bhanjyang, Maulathar, and Jhyaltung, forcing locals to rely on lanterns and candles. But this new energy project generates 25 kW of electricity – 15k kW from wind energy and 10 kW from solar energy. The villagers are now able to get electricity.

The Mityal Solar and Wind Energy project would have been completed a year and a half ago, but due to the negligence of the construction company, it was postponed, locals said. The original deadline for this project was mid-July.

Chairperson of the Alternative Energy Consumers’ Committee, Mr. Bhupindra Sunari, said that despite missing the deadline, locals are happy to have the project completed. Many people ridiculed the project, doubting if it would ever end. But it is a relief that the project is finally completed.

According to the sunari, the project was constructed jointly by the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre and Nisdi Rural Municipality, with a total budget of Rs 21.5 million.

The locals also contributed land worth about Rs 600000 for the project and provided extensive labor support.

According to Mr. Yogendra Baral of Krishna Grill and Engineering Works, who started the project, the electricity is currently distributed from 4 am to 10 pm.

Deputy Chair of the Electricity Distribution Committee, Mr. Jabarsingh Saru said that once the complexity of the transformer has been removed, the power supply committee will have the power supply for 24 hours. He added that the locals are delighted and there are also workers in various offices.

Currently, the locals pay Rs 150 to consume up to five units, with an additional Rs 50 for repair and maintenance. But once consumption exceeds five units, the charge for each additional unit is Rs 15.

A teacher of Gaurishankar Secondary School, Mr. Dhan Bahadur Thada said that now we don’t have to wait for access to the central transmission line. We are all happy.

Source: TKP