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Solar lifting drinking water project launched in Syangja


Waling (Syangja), March 5, 2017: The construction of a solar lifting drinking water project has kicked off at Budhakot area of Shivalaya VDC in Syangja district with a joint investment between Nepal Government and Government of Finland.

The Majkot Shivalya Solar Lifting Drinking Water Project will supply water from source to a tank located in a village lying 300 meters above, Drinking Water Consumer Committee Treasurer, Jam Bahadur Gurung shared.

The project will benefit 35 households in Budhakot village once it is completed by the set deadline of April 13. The project’s total construction cost is estimated at around Rs 4.9 million.

The villagers are currently fetching water on traditional jars from a water source located at a distance of around an hour’s walk.

Photos Courtesy: Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project in Western Nepal

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