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SOLO Woman Travel Challenge returns


Kathmandu, May 17, 2018: SOLO TRAVEL NEPAL has launched the 4 th Solo Woman Travel Challenge this year as SWO-Yatra 2018. It is a travel grant competition that facilitates 10 Nepali female travelers to explore expansive natural landscape and diverse cultural heritages of the country for at least 10 days’ time period.

Solo Travel Nepal has been running the SOLO WOMAN TRAVEL CHALLENGE since 2015, and has supported independent travels of 28 women so far, who have travelled to almost every major travel area of Nepal.

SWO-Yatra 2018 is all about being enthusiastic and adventurous to realize your travel dreams. Applicants are required to fill an online form at www.solotravelnepal.com/apply stating their travel plan for minimum 10 days, anywhere in Nepal, and deposit Rs. 300 fee at any specified location to confirm their application. Application is open from till 31 July 2018.
Through SWO-Yatra 2018, the organizers are looking for strong, charismatic, and enthusiastic women who are seeking to defy the norm and set their own standards. In a society, and largely the world, that tells young girls that they cannot, we want to champion women who believe THEY CAN.

The approach is empowerment through SOLO TRAVEL- an introspective, experiential journey of courage and discovery. In the belief that wisdom cannot be learnt; it has to be gained from personal experiences of triumphs and misadventures, Solo Travel Nepal aims to inspire confidence and builds character and enhance ability to create, curate, and connect among Nepali women.

Solo Travel Nepal is the only platform in Nepal that provides travel grants for solo travel. It has also initiated NepaliTravellers, a travel community by and for all who identify as Nepali. For more details, visit www.solotravenepal.com .