Solukhumbu Timurbote incident completes 40 years

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Solukhumbu Timurbote incident completes 40 years

Solukhumbu, 16 Dec 2014 : The incident in which 13 freedom fighters of the Nepali Congress (NC) were killed in Timburbote forest of Tingla, Solukhumbu for protesting then Panchayati Regime has completed 40 years.

The police and army of then Panchayat Regime had launched a lethal attack on cadres and warriors of the Nepali Congress, which was waging an armed struggle against Panchayati system.

The incident took place in 2031, Push 1. Locals said that the snowfall that occurred around mid-December this year has afresh the incident marked with same natural surrounding.

The Timburbote Concern Society organized a clean-up programme on the incident site to commemorate the mass killing of freedom fighters.

Society Chairperson Keshar Babu Thulung, who narrowly escaped the attack, took the initiative to organize several programmes in memory of those killed for the sake of freedom and democracy. RSS



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