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Some captivating real-girl/real-life fashion quotes


09 August, 2015:  Words can be the bits of wisdom and encouragement that help pump us up for the day ahead. So to help you start your morning with a laugh, we’ve rounded up a few of funny and adoring fashion quotes up in your way. Here are a large dose of real-girl, real-life fashion quotes that comes to every girls way.

Quote 1: I wish every time I liked an outfit on instagram /facebook it would magically appear in my closet.

Quote 2: “I really need new clothes” – me every morning.

Quote 3: *Changing outfit 27 times*- Goes with the first option.

Quote 4: I am sorry for what i wore when I was cold.

Quote 5: Shortest horror story ever “sold out”

Quote 6: Weekend: “organizes messy clothes”, Weekday: “can’t find anything”

Quote 7: On Saturdays, we wear pajamas.

Quote 8: Meaning of sale: an excuse to buy bunch of clothes/stuffs when you actually don’t need it.

Quote 9: New year- same me, because I’m freaking fabulous.

Quote 10: You dream about shopping only to wake up and realize you didn’t really buy these clothes.

Quote 11: If you can’t stop thinking about it, Buy it.

Quote 12: A girl should be two thing, classy and fabulous.


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