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Some Clothing Hacks!!!


19 November, 2015: Here are a few;  

Put your jeans in the freezer to remove odour.

Stop sweaters shredding by putting them in the freezer.

Hairspray will remove a lipstick stain.

Use clear nail polish to tighten sunglasses; If your sunglasses arms a little loose, dab some nail polish on the hinge until you can get to a tiny screwdriver.

Cover sneakers in baking soda to remove odours.

Moisturise leather; If you dont have shoe polish lying about then use moisturiser instead.

Use vaseline to unstick a zipper; By greasing up the zip youll make it easier to undo.

Use a hairdryer to make shoes more comfortable; Put on a pair of thick socks and put on your shoes. Blow-dry your feet and the heat will stretch out your shoes.

Lemon juice will remove armpit odours; Spray a little lemon on the affected area and those odours will evaporate.

Cold water and vinegar will remove stains; This mixture will remove stains form leather without causing any damage.

Talcum powder removes oil stains; Apply the talc to the area and leave it over night.

White wine removes red wine; It really does! Get the full tutorial here.

Widen shoes by filling them with water; It may seem like madness, but placing water inside your shoes and putting them in the freezer overnight will expand them so they fit perfectly.

Use shaving foam to remove make-up stains; We recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though.




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