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Some Shopping rules on Sale

Woman with Shopping Bags --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

23 September, 2015: Thus comes the biggest sale season of the year is on its way. The festive season is now on and you probably take your feet out to fit some new stuffs on your wardrobe. But there are some
shopping etiquette rules to help keep the common manners-related conundrums of the sale;

1) Keep calm and be polite to everyone: Salespeople are at your service. Try not to be rude to them. Being hysterical and making them run errands for silly things may be a bad idea during the already chaotic sale season. Don’t pause them for too long (particularly, near the entrance). Make access for co-shoppers.

2) Don’t pick a size XS if yours is M: It’s often the case — the smallest size of a garment gets picked the fastest. So, don’t carry an XS to the trial room when you know that you will not fit into it. This etiquette holds true in the reverse order too.

3) Keep your trips to the fitting room short and quick: Unfortunately, the number of trial rooms don’t double during the discount season. So, getting in and out in the new outfit can be annoying for others queuing up in the corridor. Take your own decision eventually, it’s just a piece of cloth.

4) Quality check is wise: Stains, tears or other damage is advisable. But understand that these clothes have been hanging on the shop racks for a long time. Don’t waste time thinking for the cure. Not happy, move over to the next.

5) When at the billing counter, make it fast: This is the most packed zone during the sale season. Keep your cash/ card ready and don’t wait until you reach the counter to fetch your bag and delay the process.


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