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“My son has got a new life”


Due to prevailing poverty in Nepal, many parents are forced to see early death of their children. However, few are happy to get services from hospitals under the social responsibility of hospitals .One guardian form Parbat was eager to share his happiness when he was able to save his child who was very near to death. The one who also contributed to his happiness was Vayoda Hospital , Balkhu.

Public Health, Pokhara: 16th of Shrawan, 2071, Bipin Gurung had normal symptoms of slight fever and cough. General medicine of common cold was prescribed to him after general check up and X-ray at Pokhara Nursing Home. His illness started to grow after having the prescribed medicine. He suffered from chest pain and high fever. He was taken back to hospital. However, Padma Nursing Home Pokhara recommended Bipin to Manipal Medical College in Pokhara. Bipin was sent to an emergency at Manipal and after additional tests, it was found that 95% of his lungs was damaged. The I.C.U was all packed at Manipal so he was again recommended for Kaski Service Hospital. When his parents didn’t see any possibilities there, they brought Bipin in helicopter to Balkhu, Kathmandu at Vayoda Hospital on 18th Shrawan,2071.

_MG_3918At Vayoda, the expert Physician, Dr. Shyam Bahadur Pandey and his team started Bipin’s treatment. He was kept in ventilator for 29 days. Due to low economic condition, his father,Om Prasad Gurung had decide to take Bipin home. However, Bipin’s father continued treatment of his 17 years old son, Bipin when hospital told to consider their economic situation and give discount. Now, Bipin is discharged from hospital and his health is fine.

Bipin who is studying in class 11 and his whole family is very grateful to Vayoda Hospotal and all the doctors and nurses who were involved in Bipin’s treatment who was able to save his life. “My son has got a new life. Had I not got help from this hospital, there would be no alternative than to see my son’s early death with my own eyes.

According to Dr. Shyam Bahadur Pandey, Bipin had Acute Respiratory Syndrom, the X-ray report of Bipin showed problem in both side of his lungs and due to infection,lungs were not being able to release oxygen that is sufficient for blood. Thus, Bipin was kept in ventilator for treatment. After many tests, it was also found that Bipin had Influenza A1. Before, the living success rate of Bipin was 9-10 % but after diagnosis and medication, infection came into control. Now, Bipin is 95% healthy as per Dr. Pandey.

Bipin has to do regular exercise,prevent from dust and he should not smoke. Many patients after this disease have high possibility of suffering from Asthma later. However, that might not happen in case of Bipin due to his age.” says, Dr. Pandey.

Born in an average family, Bipin is from Parbat district, Bhutang VDC. He has been staying in Pokhara for his studies. He studies in class 11 at Laxmi Higher Seconday School. He is youngest among his 3 brothers. His father Om Prasad has been living in Pokhara by working on the fileds of his relatives.


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