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Sophie’s Wonders – Envisioning Gender Equality


Amazingly fascinating wonders of cute little Sophie enhances the beauty of life in this little angel’s form. Sophie is a three and a half years old little girl. She rejoices to play with her pet Tom, a white furry dog. Her eyes resembling the sparkling crystals, dazzle everyone’s heart. When we play with her, she can make us forget our tiredness. She loves looking at the fountain which is in the garden. She sits on the grassy garden and watches the water falling from the fountain which is  in the garden. Sophie is an angel as she always brings smiles on the faces of the people around her with her cute acts.

As she wears a white frock and plays in the garden, it feels like heaven on earth to behold this pleasant moment. Today’s little Sophie can grow up to become like Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Deepa Malik, Mary Kom, Theresa May, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams and many more. What she needs is a discrimination-free and crime-free environment for her growth in life. Sophie never got discriminated from her parents and family, but rather got lots of love and support from them.

These are Sophie’s wonders and Sophie is present in every baby girl. We just need to open our eyes and awaken our soul. Unfortunately, we still hear the news of female foeticide and this is very sad. We should try and put an end to that. We should love our daughters, know their significance and never discriminate them. Necessary steps should be taken to eradicate this concept of gender discrimination from our mind. Daughters are angels and lucky are those who know their significance. And there is an utmost need to aware our societies and question them that , “When will be our daughters safe from all kinds of immoral acts like rape, harassment and sexual abuse? When?”

Shikha Lamsal