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Spark Talk and Meetups 20th edition


Kathmandu, August 5, 2018: The 20th edition of the Spark Talk and Meetups took place on the 1st of August 2018 at Fusemachines, Hattisar. With contributing partner as FuseMachines, the event was organized by Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub. The event started off at 5:00 pm with registration of the participants. The entry for the event had no charges and there were over 80 participants. This edition of spark talk focused on the topic “How to make use of data”.

With three panellists for the discussion, the event focused on the possibilities that data brings to life along with how today’s wealth of data drives business and product decisions across a range of industries, and share their visions for the future. The group of panellists included Mr. Sameer Maskey, founder and CEO at Fusemachines, Mr.Karmath Dangol, VP of Engineering at Cloudfactory.com, and Mr.Pravin Raj Joshi, co-founder and CTO at Rooster Logic Pvt. Ltd. The session was moderated by Mr. Himal Gautam, business development manager at Rooster Logic Pvt. Ltd.

The panellists had a very interesting discussion on various aspects that revolved around data. From discussing the meaning of data and what it means to the right approaches in handling it, the session gave a lot of dimension to the topic. Not only did the panellists come up with interesting and informative facts and advices about data, they also pointed out the general myths that people had about it. They also put forth their thoughts regarding the relevance and usability of popular trends like artificial intelligence and machine learning. There also occurred a very insightful talk about the possibilities and opportunities of utilization of data in Nepal. All the panellists agreed upon the fact that Nepal being a rapidly developing country, it can do wonders with utilizing data. They said that digitizing many areas especially the government ones and recording data accordingly could help increase efficiency at government offices. Similarly, it was also said that unless and until the interest level regarding data management remains, there can surely be seen development in this area.

After the discussion among the panellists, the audience members also got a chance to put forth their questions towards the panel and clear their confusions regarding data or improve their insights about it. The question and answer session involving the audience was greatly interactive and discerning.

Overall, the event broadened a lot of horizons and turned out to be a fruitful experience of inspiration, learning and sharing.