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Sparkling Christmas: Beautiful vibes


The month of December is the time for Santa Claus, fairy lights and Christmas songs. The most famous decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree; a pine tree covered in little shiny decorations and fairy lights. I like the colorful decoration of Christmas trees. Trees are decorated with fancy lights, gifts boxes, plastic decorations of Santa Claus and many more decorations that present around the trees. It feels awesome decorating the Christmas tree, picking out gifts and those twinkling lights that realize this is a most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is celebrated in most countries to honor the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. People in various places celebrate Christmas in different ways, but certain traditions which common across the globe, which may include exchanging gifts and sweets, decorating houses with colorful lights and spending time with family and friends.

The main celebration takes place on 25 December every year, but the celebration arrives before the days come. I noticed that the shop vendor decorates their shop as beautifully as they can to entice customers to their shop to buy flowers and gifts. People start planning the way they would be celebrating this auspicious day, with their family and friends. The buildings and streets covered in colored lights, red ribbons and smiling Santa Claus faces. This is the time for having fun and spending time with the people we love, get together with family and relatives. The most exciting thing is to give good gifts to relatives, children and loved ones. That all seem awesome.

On December 24, Christmas Eve is the time for last-minute shopping, preparations, gifts -wrapping and gathering with friends and family. There is a saying that Christmas Eve is a night for kids to go to bed early before their house is visited by Santa Claus, a magic man in a red suit who leaves gifts for all the kids in the house. It is time for celebrations and parties with people around you. This Eve takes place all night hanging with friends and family.

Christmas is celebrated more amongst the Christian communities in Nepal. We call it ‘Yashu Jayanti’ in Nepal. Nepali Christians are busy going to the Church for celebration, exchanging gifts and of Christmas cards, having feasts with nearer and dearer and displaying various decorations including Christmas trees, lights, and gifts.

I have a very special memory of Christmas since childhood. My mother always said Santa brings a gift on Christmas Day and she put it near me while I slept. I found the gift on Christmas Day and I thought Santa brought them. But it was my mother who always brought my gifts on Christmas. So, my mother is my real-life Santa for me. I am not Christian but I love every festival in my country, even Christmas. I believe Nepal is a country that has Unity in Diversity and we all live in harmony and togetherness respecting each other’s culture and tradition. This is what Nepal is all about and Christmas is the way to cherish all the beautiful moments with family and friends.

Having said that, I would like to wish u all Merry Christmas!

  • Swechha Poudel