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Spell the magic, be a non-Muggle in the latest Android and Google update!


November 5, 2016: Potterheads, a group of people that are completely obsessed with the world of Harry Potter! Now, this magical mysterious world is further drafted into the real world by Google for Android users, who can use spells as voice commands for some functions.

Many a people have pictured themselves within the world of Harry Potter, holding onto wands shooting spells in friendly duels or life-and-death battles. Although, not that extreme, Google has made a considerable effort to help people cast some spells on their phones using voice commands. Introducing the channeling of magic powers with “ok, Google”, you can follow up with commands like “Lumox”, “Nox” or “Silencio” that helps you use the switch on or off the flashlights or to shut your ringer and put your phones on silent mode.

Not helpful in duels, it does make a lot of your work easier while also giving you a chance to show-off in front of other people. Timed with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you can also find the streets and visit the places where Newt Scamander (the lead in the movie), hung out in the streets of New York!