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Spirituality and Humanity


According to the Oxford dictionary, Spirituality is having a relationship based on a profound level of mental or emotional communion and Humanity is the quality of being humane; benevolence. Connecting the dots between these two humanly words would be the way to purity. Humanity always is not about helping others, its doing good to yourself first, only when you are in the safer and better side you can think and do well to society. Spirituality is alike, people come into your life not always to change it, but sometimes either there benevolence or say humanity for that matter changes your life to a greater extent, not only that but inhumanity also matters for those changes. I think this change is what spiritualism is, a turning point, a realization about and to the life is all known to be spiritualistic.

Life is an instance I say, the phases particularly are those instances, it keeps on changing, you acquire the realization of being spiritually affected with a lot of situations you face in your life. You may have seen a person with all the kindness, politeness and what people tend to say humanism (which for me is not humanism, described below), but that person is no more same. He or she might have changed radically to a very great level. What might be the reason, his or her life seems to be equally similar as before, what’s the matter, the reason is nothing other than realization, the spirituality on above the humanity enlightenment. The person might now have realized the basic and general perception, circumstances and denizens of the society or say the world. I wrote, that’s not humanism for me, definitely it’s not the actual humanism, people seem to have a thought that doing social works, being the helping hand for others is what humanism is, but in a very inner core of your spiritual soul, think, have you ever done good to anyone without having any kind of proceeds ? , not only materialist but emotional or without having the thought of getting virtuous in return of doing well. In the very inner side of every person is “first me”, I should have the best, I am doing well so I will have well for myself, isn’t it? Be realistic, it’s true, ask this question to yourself.

People talk about being spiritual, support humanity and give big lectures, speeches and thoughts of helping others, but the first and foremost of all, they have the concern for themselves, am not writing here all these to say that having concern to oneself first is immoral. It’s the reality of life, everyone must have this conceptualization and everyone does have. My concern in writing this piece is to make people understand that please do believe in reality, in spiritualism and humanism to be “one-kind” before the man-kind, help yourself before helping others, first individualism, then “group-alism” only then socialism, everyone does the same as I described above, Yes, I am generalizing but yet my thinking is “that’s the truth about the life”.

All of us are humans, all of us have humanity built-in, some show it for show-off and the status quo, some do it for their wellness (a thought of having glow for doing good), some don’t do it at all, but everyone has a thought of getting good. Everyone’s humanity lies in oneself, please do admit it, that admission of yourself to the reality will be the spiritual anticipation to your soul and towards a better place to subside in. We by realizing the humanity in us may make up into a better world, spiritualism and humanism is just a way through the realization.

By: Asish Thakur


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