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Stars are not born overnight

VMAG ‘Inspire’ Series sees five media personalities share backstories to their successes

Kathmandu, November 6, 2016: The third edition of VMAG Weekends Tiago Inspire saw media luminaries Bhusan Dahal, Deepak Raj Giri, Sandip Chhetri, Hari Humagain and Rohit John Chettri talk about their trial and tribulation before breaking out as stars in their respective industries. The event, held at Radisson Hotel on Friday, was part of M&S VMAG’s Weekend series that hosts events at select venues with one of four areas of focus: agenda discussions, entertainment, inspire and food.

During the event, the panel talked about their back-story and journey to success in the entertainment industry. Elaborating on his initial days in the television industry, popular director and talk show host Bhushan Dahal said, “I had no plans to venture into the television industry, it is purely an accident. My parents wanted me to study medicine but the prospect never intrigued me. So, I started out as a producer at Nepal Television without a clue about the job. Eventually, I started to learn the craft while working on the job.” He went on to attribute his success in the industry to his willingness to keep learning and the courage to embrace creative ideas.

Another guest, actor Deepak Raj Giri talked about his transformation from a bogan to a comedic powerhouse in Kollywood. He said, “My dad was the first person in the village to graduate so everyone respected him but I, on the other hand used to bunk my classes to watch Bollywood movies. I became an example for how a child shouldn’t turn out.” He shared his secret to eventual stardom; he never gave up on his passion for movies even when he was constantly criticised.

Meanwhile popular TV host and comedian Sandip Chettri said, “Having hosted many shows in my hometown, when I came to Kathmandu, I thought I would be an instant success. But after getting rejected by several media houses, I finally came to realise that I still had a lot to learn.” He further said, “It was initially very hard but acting was something I was very passionate about so I didn’t give up and I think that is the reason I am here now.” The same sentiment was also echoed by another panellist, cinematographer Hari Humagain, who initially began his venture into Kollywood as a kitchen help at movie sets.

Popular singer and member of the band 1974 AD, Rohit John Chhetri, also a panellist, talked about balancing his solo career and his time with the band. He said, “When you are passionate about something, balance is easy to find. I love playing music, so for me it doesn’t matter whether I am performing with the band or solo.”

The event was moderated by Alok Thapa.

By Samikshya Bhattarai