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Startup CEOs conclude Kathmandu-Pokhara-Kathmandu bike tour


Kathmandu, June 6, 2017: CEOs and Co-Founders from as many as 11 startup went on an adventurous bike tour to Pokhara last weekend. The CEOs of Kathmandu-based startup companies were on a three-days long ‘CEOs on Bike: Nepal Startup Tour’ organized by ESOS Pvt. Ltd. As part of the programme, the CEOs left for Pokhara on June 2 and returned back to Kathmandu on June 4.

Together with the CEOs from Kathmandu, the startups in Pokhara, students, and civil society members graced the event in Pokhara. The 3-days-long tour also included the third episode of Prestige Talks, a monthly talk show of ESOS.

On June 3, Pokhara-based startup community, Civil Society members, businesspersons, bankers, and students came in folks to participate in Prestige Talks event. Among the speakers for the event was Er. Binod Giri from Pokhara who delivered his presentation on the topic ‘Digital entrepreneurship, and its importance in Nepal’. Similarly, Mr. Krishna Pokharel and Ms. Rojina KC from Kathmandu gave presentation on ‘Importance of Branding and Promotion for Startups’.  Likewise, Rajnish Jha and Gopi Mahato from Kathmandu enlightened the participants about ‘Corporate Identity’ in their presentation.

The Prestige Talks event was presided by the President of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Bishwo Palikhe, while the Managing Director of Bajeko Sekuwa Pokhara branch, Mr. Eak Raj Giri was the Guest of Honor. Mr. Palikhe welcomed the move for growing startup culture in Nepal and appreciated the steps taken by the organizer to develop entrepreneurship in Nepal. “We are always supportive towards such moves. And, we are always ready to provide help of any kind, suggestion, and support to host such activities in the future,” he assured in his speech.

Winner of the bike tour was also awarded on the occasion. CEO of JYAASA Technologies Kathmandu had bagged the Best CEOs on Bike Award for the up-to-date performance in bike tour and being punctual in following the rule. After receiving the honor,  Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa, CEO of JYAASA said, “It was really a wonderful experience for me to enhance my startup journey. Events of this kind solidify our entrepreneurial spirit,” he said, adding, “I will be looking for more of such events in the future.”

On the occasion, ESOS unveiled one of the next big programme Digital Nepal Connect (DNC). The programme is an event designed to attract lots of the startups from Nepal towards Digital Entrepreneurship. CEO of ESOS Aarif Shafi Khanyari explained the importance of DNC for the development of the country and taking Nepal on the Digital map of the world. “DNC has the slogan ‘Tech-revolution of Nepal begins now’ and we believe that the people from Nepal will support this initiative and come forward to change the nation for better,” Khanyari shared on the occasion.

The tour was participated by a total of 14 CEOs and co-founders from the 11 startup companies, including ATONE NEPAL, JYAASA Technologies, EMITII.com, ARK Media Creations, D Karmastha Pvt. Ltd, Funky Mouse Animation Studio, CAPTURE Films and Photos, CPH2KTM Studio Boutique, ESOS, Focused Nepal and Dewishwori Concern.

Glocal Khabar was the official online media partner for the event.

Rajnish Jha and Gopi Mahato
Mr. Krishna Pokharel and Ms. Rojina KC
Prize being handed over to Best CEOs on Bike Award winner Mr. Kapil Raj Nakhwa,
Participants in the event
Participants in the event