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Startup ideas that can change Nepal


On Wednesday evening, Sept 13, a total of 16 Nepali aspiring startups pitched their business ideas as ‘Udhyami Seed Camp’ concluded

Kathmandu, September 16, 2017: A total of sixteen teams of Nepali youths pitched their business ideas at a special event organized in the capital last Wednesday.

The teams that came from various cities of Nepal, including Pokhara, Biratnagar, Chitwan, and Kathmandu, had pitched their ideas in front of a recognized panel of investors and industry leaders on the final day of ‘Udhyami Seed Camp’-Tech Edition. The six-days long entrepreneurship development bootcamp had provided them with amazing mentorship opportunities from industry leaders and experts, and helped refine their idea, and turn these ideas into sustainable business models.

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As the bootcamp was about to conclude, they all seemed ready to face the tough questions from the well-recognized investors of Nepal that included Kantipur Media Group, True North Associates, and R&D Innovative Solutions among others.

The awe-inspiring startup ideas

On the pitch day, the teams shared the moment they struck with startup ideas, what theideas are all about, and why one should invest on them.

‘Dulwa’ was born when two friends couldn’t even plan their trip to a city in Nepal. It seeks to provide information about visit places in Nepal, detailed travel routes, why the place is important, and must do things there. It helps travelers with all kinds of information.

‘Sriyog’ by Prakash Upreti seeks to provide multiple information through one platform. One can easily hire freelancers through this platform for their work. It’ll have website, mobile app and toll-free numbers by which service seekers can contact for any types of freelancers they need, from house maids to plumbers, electricians, and others.

‘HAHA Exam’ is started by engineering students themselves who have created android app that will have solutions of all the past papers from University Board exams. ‘It’s time to laugh in the exam, not to cry.’ Says Dinesh Aryal of the team.

‘Bigryo’ is a company that seeks to provide easy mobile repair solutions.

‘Paperglass’, a paper cup advertisement business, was another idea that most of the people were convinced of their business plans. It’s.

Similarly, ‘Big Team Robotics’ seeks to develop commercial humanoid robots for customer service purposes in corporate sector.

Likewise, ‘Zero Start’ wants to start safe night cab service in Kathmandu, with 10 taxis in the initial phase.

‘D Square Developers’ will reconstruct quake affected structures/buildings in the same design, using the same old building materials.

‘Team Vermiponics’, one of the most promising startup idea in the program, seeks to enable city dwellers to produce organic vegetables on their own balcony, rooftop, or inside the room. Started by B.SC. Agriculture students from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur, Chitwan, the four-member team had been to Kathmandu just to participate the program, and learn business ideas. They sell the technology/apparatus that one can grow vegetable in.

‘8Byte Studio’ is a school management software, which seeks to make administrative work of school very easy and smooth.

‘Think and Create’ by Ujjwal Adhikari and team is an animation company that will be creating films and animation using art and technology.

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My takes:

All of these startup ideas look equally genuine.

Though it was the first time they pitched their ideas, it looked wonderful. I was overly motivated listening to these ideas. Many didn’t seem investment ready though.

Four startup teams from the first edition of Udhyami Seed Camp-Women Edition have already received investment to start their work on their ideas.

Having conversed with majority of the teams participating in this edition of Udhyami Seed Camp, I am rest assured that all of these ideas would one day become amazing businesses in Nepal.

Future is entrepreneurship! Startups for a better Nepal!

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By Basanta Kumar Dhakal