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Startup Story of Jordian Social Entrepreneur: Hind Al Braizat


“Since I was a little girl I didn’t let anything stop me to success in what I aim to and I always believe in myself and search for new not ordinary things.”                   – Hind Al Braizat, Entrepreneur

Brief Introduction about yourself and tell us about your startup

I am a Jordanian girl who lives in a city called Madaba with my family who support me during my life. I recently had my PHD in sociology and specialist in youth and gender issues.

About Sama Madaba Society

Sama Madaba Association aspires to be a leader and contribute to the community development so that in order to build a conscious and cultured Jordanian society. It is aimed at development of civil society by empowering its members epically the youth and educates them and makes them aware of and preserves the heritage and the environment through various programs and activities. Some of the activities by this organizations are Sama Madaba production kitchen, training courses/ workshops, volunteer works, support the poor and needy, youth empowerment campaigns, awareness and educational campaigns, women’s empowerment, internal and external flights/ trip to let the youth involve in life, establish 3 festivals, winter and summer camping, etc.

How and when your entrepreneurship journey started?

Actually it ,was started long time ago when I felt how much we need to be entrepreneurs, I was almost 18 when I was thinking about the way I want to change from myself and others, and how that I won’t wait the financial help from my parents, maybe for me  I was and still live good life and nothing I am responsible for, but when I saw people in streets ask for help, and others waist many equipments without using it I decide to have my own work, and I can remember how I search for a partners , at that time me and friends had a small company which was very small and  we started with collecting tools, equipment and make products from it, maybe my goal was not money because in that time we didn’t need it, but I like the idea to feel the responsibility.

What is the greatest obstacle you have faced in achieving the success you desire? How do you overcome it?

The main one was the community, at that time it was no acceptable from youth to have their own work, the community could not accept the idea and consider us just as if we playing or practicing  our hobbies. Actually we felt bad at that time, but we were very young don’t have any experiences in life or in entrepreneurship, actually at that time we didn’t recognize that we are in the concept of entrepreneurship,. We join some organizations with focus on youth and ask for help to support.

If you think you are success then what are the keys to success?

The keys to success is believe and trust yourself, think positive, never give up and the most important is  never waste time.

What are your feelings or views towards Women Entrepreneurship?

I am a big supporter for this, I believe that women have much to give especially as Entrepreneurs, but they should have chance to be a part, they are creative, patient, have the ability to make something from nothing, they also help in providing jobs, product and hop. They put all their skills and power to make new change in corporation with others in the community.

What are your future expectations/plans?

I expect that youth will be more familiar with Entrepreneurship, in Arab countries I think this concept is not clear enough, I think I will work more to give them the chance to learn more about it.

How was your Bangladesh tip?

Amazing, I didn’t expect that the 5 days which I stayed in Bangladesh will change a lot inside me, I always read and hear about it but the reality is different, I saw how much this country is beautiful but need a lot of work from citizen to keep it clean, I discover how much people are kind, lovely and generous and treat us as if we members from their families. Maybe spicy food not works with me but I learn about new food habits. I went to old city of Dhaka which have many stories which I could see in the old roads , walls , buildings …etc.

But what make me feel painful that many take poverty as a reason in order not to work or achieve what they should do, and population as a reason not to take care of the country, I believe that everyone is responsible for cleaning and helping and to aware others, so Bangladesh will be much development. I wish if I could walk in the streets and discover more but the circumstances didn’t allow , I could say that Bangladesh and its people just like a treasure  which we should keep out from destroying.

Interviewed and Written by: Jounayet Rahman Rifat

Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladesh


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