State blamed for increasing road fatalities

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State blamed for increasing road fatalities

Tulsipur, Dec 12,2014: ‘Weak’ state mechanism has been blamed for the increasing number of road accidents in the country.

Transport sector trade union leaders have argued that they alone are not responsible for the road accidents that occurred of late. They were here to attend the general assembly of Rapti Zonal Public Transport Entrepreneurs Committee.

They accused the state of paying no heed to the problems of transport entrepreneurs and just putting the blame of accidents on them.

Many factors have a role in causing the road accident, but the government always puts the blame on transport entrepreneurs.  Condition of the roads, vehicles and load and drivers is directly linked with the road safety, they added.

Addressing the general assembly, Chairperson of National Federation of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs, Dinesh Bhandari, said the poor condition of roadways in the mid-western region is the main reason for the increasing road fatalities here. He objected to the administration decision to arrest transport workers for the recent Surkhet road accident, in which at least 12 people lost their lives.

Transport Entrepreneurs’ Federation central general secretary Punya Prasad Sitaula accused the state of not implementing any effective measure to ensure road safety.  The committee is operating its services in different parts of the country.




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