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Story Behind Music @ The Story Tellers Music Series-2


Kathmandu, September 27, 2015: The Story Tellers Music Series-2 was held on 23rd September, 2015 at Rastriya Nach Ghar where musicians shared their stories of struggle, perseverance and success. The speakers were musician Prasant Manandhar, Singer Rohit John Chettri, Guitarist Manoj KC from 1974 AD, Band Underside, Divesh Mulmi from Coweb.

12029731_734618213307024_6934781785385719638_oMr. Prasant Manadhar started program talking about musician of Nepal.He shared his moments when he touched his guitar for the first time and that feeling of Happiness. He stated that his disconnection with music began when he started believing future of Nepal is money. Bistarai Bistari singer Rohit John Chettri shared three Ps that every musician should have and that is Passion,Practice,Patience and how he began his musical journey.

11224074_734618046640374_3972940417544782454_o1974 AD guitarist Manoj KC played classical music piece for the first time in stage. He stated that learning process should not end in musical life where mainstream artist are lacking these things. “They are limited with their songs in radio and tv” says Manoj. As per him 1975 AD revoluntionalize youths in new genre music, inspire youth in music profession. He shared his story behind music and the tragic story of his wife made all audition in the hall emotional.

11059845_734618219973690_5388830394215572781_oThe first international Metallic Band, Underside stated that it never has been about playing; it has always been about performing and releasing that energy.

Divesh Mulmi shared his story saying that it was definitely not an easy task to sustain in music for 22 years till now and still stand strong.


By: Alina Prajapati


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