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Story of a girl on the mission to be a successful web developer, Sindhu Aryal

Sindhu Aryal from Butwal Coder Girls

My experience in IT field is quite contrasting from others. I was even unsure of my career till my high schools.

I must say, I was fortunate enough to get to learn about the computer from my early age in Pokhara. My teachers used to teach those theories so precisely that I used to have a very high craze for computing. I can vividly remember; those days were really fantastic. Later on, due to some reason, we migrated to Butwal. Then, everything got smashed upon us. It took years to create the same environment here.

In 9th and 10th grades, HTML and QBASIC used to be my favorite topics. But after my SLC, I studied +2 science with Biology as major subject with an aim of entering medical science.

But life didn’t go as planned.

Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away, which became the turning point of my life. During this time, I got a chance to meet lots of my relatives; take their views which in turn helped me to shape my future and even helped me to get introduced to the important mysteries of the life. As per papa’s advice, I appeared in the entrance test of BSC.CSIT and passed the exam. That is how I stepped into the world of Information Technology.

Having developed an interest in this career from the core of my heart, I moved on quickly. Luckily, I met my two seniors Hyarish Bhusal and Bishal Aryal, who really motivated, encouraged and worth saying, changed the course of my life. They made me more concerned about this field as they; themselves were actively involved in this field. Finally, with lots of hopes in my heart and dreams in my eyes, I joined BSc. CSIT at Butwal Multiple Campus. Slowly and gradually, I was able to know many experienced and genius faces of seniors who helped to build confidence in me that I could say, ‘Yeah, I’ve absolutely chosen one of the best careers’.

The time was moving on continuously at its own pace. One day, I came to know about Butwal Coder Girls. With too much curiosity, I went to my seniors to have some information about it and learned right from its establishment stories to the future plans. I just loved them and got my membership the very next day. Working with the group, I’ve earned lots of experiences of not only about the internal issues but even how to deal with our external environment right from leadership motive to carrier development, that would take years to know about, if alone. I have also learned about team work and how to cope up with challenges. Actively participating in the field work, I was promoted as an Executive Member. All of the cohorts in the group have been working in this field in order to promote and encourage the girls to be in this sector. It is too difficult for a girl to move on with this career in our country as our society can’t tolerate a girl being busy in the laptops and cell phones. And, Butwal Coder Girls is trying to eliminate such problems by imparting knowledge about related fields, through interaction programs with the guardians and much more.

After completing my education, I would like to work as a web developer. Your job as a web developer is to present your clients’ products and services to a wider mass by creating attractive, functional websites. Your work may include meeting with clients to discuss their desires for a website or discuss how to keep their websites functioning and up to date. You might construct the layout of a website, creating a visually interesting home page and user-friendly design. You may also write the content for the website. After a website is up and running, you will make sure that the site is functional on all web browsers, periodically testing and updating it as needed.  A client may also need you to include interactive capabilities on their site using Visual Basic or Java programming. And I’m on the way towards achieving this goal.

All the girls interested in information technology can come join Butwal Coder Girls to make the mission successful. We will heartily welcome you and also love to share our experience with you.

Lastly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team of Butwal Coder Girls, who supported me through my thick and thins and ultimately showing the direction to my career. I really feel very proud to be associated with Butwal Coder Girls. Also, I’m thankful to my lovable family and my uncle Suraj Aryal for your kind support.

In a nutshell, flowers are very charming and whenever watched at, we would love to pluck them out. But if plucked, all its beauty gets vanished away. Similarly, via Butwal Coder Girls, I would love to see each and every girl glowing beautifully as those in a garland of flowers, and as lovely and important as an eyeball.

By Sindhu Aryal

The writer is currently pursuing BSc. CSIT 2nd semester at Butwal Multiple Campus, Butwal. She is also working as a Media Manager at Butwal Coder Girls.