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Story of Prerak Giri: A life sparking passion for game development

Prerak Giri- Glocal Khabar

In the soul of Kathmandu, there lay stories of game developers who have made it big and who aspire to make it big. They pore over their computer screens to make the best out of their skills and their dreams take a step to inspire many people. In a search for a better platform to create a platform for the aspirants, these developers their passion and skills to thrive the technological sector of the country. Prerak Giri is one such game developer who has a unique story to share about his passion for game developing.

A student of Kanjirowa National Higher Secondary Scool, Prerak Giri shares that he is the youngest developer of the country. Aged 15, Prerak’s love for gaming is pristine, optimistic and of aspiration. Solely depending upon the internet to learn about programming and developing, Prerak is an adept in Java, C++, C#, and Unity.

Retrospective of the game that raised his curiosity in the gaming world, Prerak shares “I still remember playing the popular cartilage game of the ninety’s. I was always curious about how the game was developed and how character moved inside the game.” Prerak adds that his introduction to the popular game, GTA Vice City further kindled him to lean on his enthusiasm of designing games. Since then, Prerak started engaging himself with YouTube tutorials that taught him about game making.

 Prerak Giri-Glocal Khabar
Outlook of Prerak’s game Nepal’s Alien Invasion

Prerak first employed into game development after completing his District Level Examination of Grade 8. With the advancement in his inclination towards android, he developed his first game with libdx framework named, Aayush vs troll. This game could not stand upon his expectations so he vowed to pore more into developing better games. Unraveling the story behind his first official game, Race Nepal, Prerak says, “My computer was in need of a renovation. It didn’t support me to make games and I was really keen on developing one. So, my father bought me a laptop and I created Race Nepal through the platform of Unity.”Till date, Prerak has used his game developing skills in many mini-projects but he mentions four of his ventures as his major gaming projects till date. His games include Race Nepal for Android and PC, Zombie Vs Gorkhali, and Nepal’s Alien Invasion.

This young game developer plans to pursue software development in his coming days and invest his skills in the country to develop the IT sector of Nepal. He shares, “My brother who hesitated to give me his Macbook when I had no means to make games, has now started to believe in what I do. My family is a bit concerned about my future but nevertheless, they have been supporting me.”

With optimistic hopes about his game making passion, Prerak leaves one note to aspirants like him- “Don’t ever give up.”

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