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Storytelling Workshop by Rotaract Club of Patan


Kathmandu, October 2018: Rotaract Club of Patan organized ‘The NLP and storytelling workshop’ under their professional development avenue at KCM college, Gwarko. The event was facilitated by Ms. Ayushree Thapa who also goes by the name ‘ girl with potential ‘. She is a blogger and a creative content writer. The event today involved sessions in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and ASR (Active Constructive Response) for a better branding of your thoughts and expressing your ideas with objects.

Club’s president Rtr. Peshal Bhattarai said, “This is just a first phase workshop for learning techniques of storytelling. We will be conducting a second phase very soon for putting learning from first phase into your own stories.” Rotaract Club of Patan organizes various events for professional development of its members so that it helps them grow professionally and prepares them for their career path too. The event witnessed presence of 25 participants from inside and outside rotaract.