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Street drama to bridge the gap

Police and public perform together as a part of awareness campaign that aims to facilitate understanding and strengthen bond between the two.

Siraha, February 23, 2017: A team comprising the police and general public staged a street drama in Bariyapatti, in Siraha, on Tuesday.

“The drama was part of the awareness campaign that aims to facilitate better understanding between the police and the public,” said programme coordinator, Ashok Kumar Kamati.

The show entailed a variety of games, such as Balloon Bachau, Conflict Circle, and Self-landing, among others, to give the public a sense of techniques used by the police in maintaining security.

The event, titled Natyashala, involved a total of 40 actors—30 representing the public and 10 police.

Moreover, the event also saw discussions on social malpractices prevalent in the region.

“I have had to suffer violence of various kinds but I didn’t know how to report to the police or if I would get justice. The event made me aware about how to report crimes to the police,” said one of the attendees, Shila Kumari Ram of Janakinagar-2.

The event was organised by Dalit Jana Kalyan Yuva Club with support from Search for Common Ground.

By Bharat Jargha Magar