Stress on implementation of right to information act

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Stress on implementation of right to information act

Kathmandu, 26th January,2015 :  Experts here have suggested the National Information Commission to effectively implement the Right to Information Act.


They have also suggested the Commission to formulate a special action plan to bring the Act into efficient implementation, citing that it would establish the value that the citizens could have a meaningful participation in governance and thereby acting as an instrument to make the government more responsible.

Stress on implementation of right to information act
Stress on implementation of right to information act


In a programme organized today by the Commission, they had drawn the Commission’s attention to emphasize the protection of the Rights to Information than its promotion.


Krishnahari Baskota, the Chief Commissioner at the Commission, shared that it has started the monitoring of the Right to Information Act 2064 BS and the Regulations, 2065 BS, in a bid to implement the Act.


Furthermore, the Chief Commissioner said that the Commission has also inquired with the 27 ministries whether the Act was being brought into exercised or not.


Similarly, Kashiraj Dahal, the Chairperson of the Administrative Court, on the occasion opined that the Commission should be effortful to safeguard the right to information of the people, acknowledging it as their fundamental rights.


Likewise, Dr Ramkrishna Timilsina, an expert on Right to Information, was of the belief that the public’s access to the information would further empower them.


Dr Mahendra Bista, President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, on the other hand, posed a question, ‘How could a commoner avail information when s/he has no access to places like Singha Durbar?’


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