Strictly implement ban on plastic bags: Environment CommitteeÂ

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Strictly implement ban on plastic bags: Environment Committee 


Kathmandu, 23 March, 2015 : The Environment Committee under the Legislature-Parliament has asked the stakeholders for implementation of the ban of plastic bags in the Capital city from mid April.

At a meeting of the Committee held the lawmakers pressed for strict implementation of the government decision.

Janakraj Chaudhary, Chairman of the Environment Committee, shared that Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, who is also taking charge of Environment, Science and Technology, also could not take part in the meeting although his presence was also requested.

Similarly, Chairperson Chaudhary added that Minister for Home Bamdev Gautam, Minister for Local Development and Federal Affairs Prakashman Singh, Minister for Urban Development Dr Narayan Khadka, Minister for Information and Communications Dr Minendra Rijal and Minister for Industries Mahesh Basnet were also requested for their attendance at the meeting albeit none appeared.

The meeting of the Committee held on August 25, 2014 had issued a directive to the ministries concerned to formulate necessary policies to make the ban on plastic bag use effective from mid-April, 2015.

Lawmaker Bishnu Poudel was the opinion that the industries that are manufacturing the plastic bags should be provided with subsidy to run other enterprise once the ban on plastic comes into force.

Poudel added that such industries on the verge closure due to the soon-to-be imposed ban on their manufactured products should be availed with schemes from the government for discount in tax and subsidy.

Likewise, lawmakers Man Bahadur Bishwakarma, Ranjit Karna, Jivan Kumari Ghimire and Dr Duman Singh Thapa, among others spoke of the need to bring the ban on plastic bags into effective implementation.

Similarly, Dr Sumitra Amatya, Executive Director at Waste Management Technical Cooperation Centre under Ministry of Urban Development, underscored the need to strictly implement the ban on plastic ban in the Capital city.

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