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Student prevented from attending SLC for not paying tuition fee

Kathmandu, April 7, 2016: A principal of a private school in Kyamin, Tanahun has held captive a School Leaving Certificate examinee for failing to pay SLC tuition on Thursday.

SLC examinee Pravin Kunwar, 15, of Kalesti, Kyamin-1 based Dobhan Boarding School was held captive for half-an-hour by school Principal SikandarGurung who is also a member of Tanahun chapter of NPabson.

According to Kunwar, principal Gurunglocked him up at school for not paying Rs 8,500 as tuition fees for classes he never attended.

“All of my friends went to appear for the exam but Principal sir didn’t allow me to leave,” said Kunwar, “I became upset and I cried. He (Gurung) let me out only after my mom assured him of bringing the money. I couldn’t write my exams due to the stress.”

Likewise, Kunwar’s mother BimalaKunwar said that it is utter negligence on the part of school to detain a student for not paying tuition fees for classes he never attended. Bimala said that she deposited Rs 6,500 after she received a call saying that her son will not get a chance to appear for today’s exams.

Meanwhile, Principal Gurung has said that no such deposit has been made by Bimala at the school. He further informed that Kunwar was detained for causing ruckus at the school. Justifying his act to hold captive, Gurung said that a SLC examinee could enter the exam hall until one hour after the exam commences and being late for 20 minutes was not a big deal.

Kyamin Higher Secondary School exam centre chief Krishna Hari Gaire said that Kunwar arrived at the exam centre in tears and was unable to write his paper for a long time. Gaire said that he granted five additional minutes to Kunwar after the exam time was over. “We didn’t ask what was troubling him (Kunwar) before exams, later on we found out that he was being held for failing to pay exam fee,” said Gaire.