Students from Kavya School help a School in Khotang with its laboratory

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Kathmandu, January 23, 2018: Students from Kavya School, New Baneswor have utilized their birthday funds for a humanitarian deed. The collected funds have been donated to support the monetary needs and commodities required for the laboratory of Tribhuvan Secondary School, Khotang.

Navaraj Baskota, the founder Principal of the school, mentioned that in a program held at the school premises, the representative and science teacher of Tribhuvan Secondary School, Devan Singh Rai, accepted the necessary materials for the science lab worth Rs. 25,000.

The program marked the presence of Dharmendra Prakash Rajbhandari, the director of Kavya School and Bhakta Raj Bhandari, the founder principal of Everest English School. Bhandari indicated that this initiation would develop the meager parts of the country and encourage the development of quality education in such schools.

The students of Kavya School have cut out the tradition of celebrating their birthdays in the school by distributing chocolates and cutting cakes. Instead, they have been donating money to the birthday fund as per their wishes and capabilities. This mandatory rule of the school has led to various humane educational and social reforms in the country.