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Student’s Life


The early morning’s hustle along with the pressure of completing the given assignments conquers over the student. The same hectic schedule and the same books make the days mundane than ever. It’s not easy being a student, there are myriads of things that we need to take care of. There are times when we want to be alone but there are also times, we want someone- someone who could understand us and feel what we are going through. In this particular phase, we are unable to choose between different alternatives. Growing up we come across different phases where we go through changes mainly- the emotional changes.

Between all these changes and problems, we need to manage time. We need to make sure that we are being able to handle our studies along with social life. There are times when we feel extremely low, demotivated and discouraged but these have since long been a part of our life. We need to accept failure and always try to learn from them. This is the time when we want to try something new, be cool and imitate others. In the process of doing this, we sometimes tend to lose our own identity. We forget what we are and where we stand. The most important thing that we fail to do is- loving ourselves. In the process of copying others and imitating their style, we tend to forget who we really are? Trying to act like others will end up giving nothing. Rather it will make you question your identity? You will be no more yourself.

The most neglected yet important fact about the student’s life is the pressure that we get from everyone. It may seem that the life of a student is easy- all they need to do is studying and nothing more. But it’s way more than that. There are myriads of things we need to keep in mind. We need to come up to people’s expectations which sometimes can be very annoying. The family expects you to be something else, teachers have different exceptions and problem is when you yourself cannot come up to your own expectations. This is the time when even small things matter to us. We get happy and overexcited over small things and discouraged even by the smallest problems. You tend to feel you are less than others, you don’t know anything and sometimes the thing is exactly opposite- Every individual is unique, and we all have our own features, but circumstances do not favor us all the time. There are times when we need to compromise, make decisions that may not address everyone’s demand and May not meet up to their expectations. We need to accept the facts there are not only the bright days in our life but there are also the darkest days when everything seems to be falling out of places. Life seems to be full of hardships. You try to wake up, yet you fall several times. Nothing seems to be working. During these times, we lost hope- hope to revive and survive through the toughest times. All we need is a bit of encouragement and motivation.

One of the most important parts of every student’s life is time management. Studies, extracurricular and giving time for family take up almost all of the time. So, one needs to have a proper balance between these three activities. Wondering what’s the best part about school life? Undoubtedly, our friends are the real gems who have always been with us no matter whatever the circumstances are. School friends are the ones who never really leave you. They are the ones who will be with you for your whole life. We will meet thousands of people and communicate with hundreds, but they will always have a special place set in our hearts.

In a nutshell, student life is one of the most memorable parts of one’s life. We live each moment, create memories and when we reflect back, we get nothing but a wide smile on our face and a wish which can never be fulfilled but still we keep on asking- “Wish I could go back to those days!”

  • AnupaKhanal