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The mass exodus of youths travelling for foreign employment and abroad studies fill the airport every day. Their faces are filled with a smile but deep inside their heart is gloomier than the darkest clouds. Parents, who have nurtured them, saw them grow, loved them more than anything else are parted away with their world.

Finally, they fly high up in the sky with their aim and dreams to touch the sky and earn a valuable degree and proudly return home again. As soon as they land on that ‘alien country’ they find themselves lost. The streets are not the same neither are the people. All are rushing and are in their world. The environment is completely different from Nepal. Where are the smiles that we exchanged every time we saw someone? The small houses are replaced by the tall skyscrapers. The road not crowded, and one could not see traffic jams. The place exactly as how the movies had shown. The first few days will be exciting for them. New country, new ambience everything is different. They can’t even believe that they have come to their dream country. Then, gradually the real life starts. One learns the importance of their own country. One reminisces everything about their homeland, but the sad part is they are very far away.

The phone calls do virtually connect them with their parents but this virtuality cannot be compared to the reality. After getting into the college/ university they have dreamt of, there are still things to be considered and kept in mind. One of the most important things that needs to be considered is “How will I pay my fees?”  Students need to manage their studies as well as their working life. The balance needs to be maintained so that there is no effect on their grades and their daily life. Between these busy and hectic schedules, they forget about themselves. They forget how to love themselves as they are so focused on their daily chores. That’s the main reason why students abroad get depressed too. These things would not have happened if there were enough opportunities, updated course, new pedagogy available in our own country. This would have not happened if we were able to produce manpower who would be competing in the global arena. Let’s not entirely blame the system for this. There are other loopholes too. We are also directly or indirectly supporting this trend.

Our Nepalese mindset is set in such a way that we only tend to think that going abroad is everything. These days parents also want their children to go abroad and earn an international degree. But this degree is also not worth it if you are unable to utilize it. Many people after studies settle there as a permanent resident. But what will happen to Nepal if all skillful manpower will reside in some other land?  In the end, what matters is how did you contribute to your society, particularly your country? Our country is in dire need of resources especially human and financial. Having a foreign degree in hand will always be a plus point for the students but the primary focus should be to utilize your studies in real-life situations.

How much shall we send our bright youths to the alien land? If this trend continues, one can assure that Nepal will never be able to taste the fruit of development. So, what steps are to be taken to transform Nepal? We need to create an environment in Nepal where there is no need for youths to go abroad to earn an international degree. Even if one wants to go abroad for studies, h/she should eventually return to Nepal. The skills learned and the knowledge earned can be utilized in Nepal to create employment opportunities. Entrepreneurship should be promoted throughout the country so that not even a single person remains unemployed. This way we can experience a huge decrement in the number of students opting to go abroad for further studies.

-Anupa Khanal