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Stunning aurora footage captured from ISS


July 21, 2016: NASA astronaut Jeff Williams shared a stunning aurora display on Sunday as he passed over the Earth.

The U.S. Army Colonel’s footage showed the green lights flashing across the sky as he passed over them onboard the International Space Station.

His post on Twitter carried the caption: “Some celestial aurora to brighten your Sunday.”

Aurora is the result of collisions between the Earth’s gaseous particles and matter released by the Sun’s atmosphere, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

It is known as aurora borealis, or the northern lights, in the northern hemisphere and aurora australis, or the southern lights, in the southern hemisphere.

The collisions can jar the magnetosphere around the Earth’s north and south poles, releasing colourful streams into the sky.

The solar flares can have another unusual effect, at times disrupting global positioning, radio, and satellite signals.ards away, police have said as they deepened their investigation into the second racially charged armed assault on U.S. law enforcement this month.